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Flushable Toilet Wipes

Butts Deserve Better than dry and scratchy toilet paper, The Flushable Toilet Wipes are infused with Aloe and Vitamin E for nourishing sensitive skin while delivering a soothing, gentle clean. They are stored in resealable packs to preserve freshness and moisture, ideal for everyday hygiene. The wipe fibers are 100% biodegradable, free of plastic, sewer-safe and septic-safe. Alcohol-free, paraben-free, dye-free with no harsh ingredients, provide a refreshingly clean experience for both men and women, so soft that you feel like being wiped with a floating feather. Designed for toilets and tested with plumbers, flushable wipes are made with advanced flushable technology, meaning you can feel confident flushing one wipe at a time as wipes begin breaking down immediately after flushing.

Private Label Flushable Toilet Wipes Manufacturers

Founded in 2003, Ruolin Hygienic Products (RHP) is an enterprise specializing in the OEM manufacturing of wet wipes. In the past 20 years of manufacturing history, we’ve been dedicated in supplying a wide range of wet wipes to the market and customers worldwide, with our production and trading department integrated. Private Label Flushable Toilet Wipes Manufacturers and OEM Factory in China.

Our wipes adopt spun-lace nonwoven that is made with wood-pulp, bamboo-fiber or a combination of viscose and polyester, infiltrated with liquid solution based on purified water from reverse-osmosis purifying equipment, are packed automatically in the GMP Class 100,000 dust-free facility. Across 3 production plants, RHP is equipped with 12 highly-automatic production lines, outputting nearly 30 million packs/canisters of wipes every year, and ready to expand to 50 million pieces at any time demanded. Customers that we have worked with include large wholesaling supermarkets, commercial brand companies and middle to small-sized private label companies, exporting to markets in North and South America, Europe, South-East Asia, and more than 40 countries & regions in total.

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What are Flushable Toilet Wipes?
Flushable toilet wipes are a type of personal hygiene product that are designed to be used for cleaning after using the toilet. These wipes are marketed as being flushable, which means that they can be safely flushed down the toilet after use.
However, there is some debate about whether flushable toilet wipes are actually safe to flush. While these wipes may be able to pass through your toilet's pipes without causing an immediate blockage, they can cause problems further down the line.
Flushable toilet wipes are made of materials that do not break down as quickly or easily as toilet paper. This means that they can accumulate in your sewer system and create blockages over time. In fact, many municipalities and wastewater treatment plants have reported significant problems with flushable wipes clogging their systems.
To avoid these problems, it is generally recommended that you do not flush flushable toilet wipes down the toilet. Instead, it is best to dispose of them in the trash, which will help to prevent blockages in your sewer system and keep your plumbing running smoothly.

Why Use Flushable Toilet Wipes?
Flushable toilet wipes are used by many people as a way to feel cleaner and fresher after using the toilet. While toilet paper is the most common way to clean oneself after using the bathroom, some people prefer the added cleansing power of a moist wipe.
Flushable toilet wipes can also be beneficial for people who have certain health conditions, such as hemorrhoids or anal fissures, that require extra gentle care in the bathroom. The moistness of the wipes can help to soothe and clean the affected area without causing further irritation.
Additionally, some people prefer flushable toilet wipes for their convenience and portability. They are often sold in small travel packs, making them easy to carry with you when you're on the go.
However, it's important to keep in mind that while flushable toilet wipes may offer some benefits, they can also cause problems in your plumbing and sewer system. It's always a good idea to follow the manufacturer's instructions and dispose of these wipes in the trash, rather than flushing them down the toilet.